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Pirates by Ethan Peeler

In by New Author on December 10, 2010 at 3:39 pm

As our captain steered our ship to some unknown island that we could claim for Spain, another ship with raised black sails with crossbones on them shot a cannon ball into our ships flank. Then came right next to us. Soon musket and cannon balls were flying every where. We prepared to board. I landed unharmed on the pirate ship. I drew out my rapier sword and joined the battle. Our ship rammed into theirs. I sheathed my rapier and drew out my two flintlock pistols and began shooting them randomly. Then something hit me. I could remember no more.

  1. How did this get here I wrote this story on Microsoft word when I was in 5th grade?

    • Hi Ethan —

      I believe you sent this piece in to be posted on the website two years ago. Unfortunately we are not able to maintain Y’all of 100 any more and will be taking it down soon. Hope you’re still writing, though!


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