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I Stop and Stare Down Two Deer; One of Them Won’t Stop Eyein’ Me Til I Leave

In by Chris on December 7, 2010 at 8:29 pm

Waddaya think, huh? I’m a pretty weird creature, but you see humans all the time.

Keep eatin’, girl, I’m just standin’ here. Ain’t doin’ nothin’.

Why you on alert, I ain’t gonna hurt ya. No other cars, no bikes or nothin’. Just standin’ here. Look, your friend’s got the idea.

Ya think you’re smarter than me? Wonderin’ why I’m checkin’ you out? Yeah I’ve seen deer before, seen ‘em everywhere. I got time to kill today though, figure watchin’ animals is more interestin’ than watchin’ humans.

You’re startin’ to creep me out now, girl. Keep eatin’, don’t bother with me.


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