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In by Fannie on November 29, 2010 at 2:59 am

I’m in bed, on top of the sheets, dead cockroach style.  A voice from the other bed floats over: “Fannie?  Do you need me to tuck you in?” Not moving, I loft a playful “no.”  Movement at this point seems almost impossible.  My shoulders are finally getting to de-hunch after a day’s work in front of the computer.  Content, I smile.  Then it hits me: I have to get up!  I forgot to write!  Do I have to?  My watch says: 16 minutes until tomorrow.  My computer’s off.  Well, I got up.  Looks like that’s all the inspiration for tonight.

  1. Yes, you’ve discovered the true joy of All of 100!

    (well, maybe it’s more like a non-joy that sometimes turns into a joy later)

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