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Amateur Word-Fizz-Blitz

In by Chris on November 29, 2010 at 6:42 am

miserable wizards fizzle sizzling like lizards innards overlooking cooked dinners so winners rove over and over atrocious gophers motionless christophers know copious ropes poking jokes at blokes cantaloupes elope scant of hope rants fantastic spastic lava flasks masked as raw mauve shark attacks park effects dark charging defects slinging margarine larger than fingernails assailing barges failing to barrage garages travails trailing montages of monetary collages capillary papillary snap your hairy flapping derriere carrying cherries very precariously or hilariously stare and you will see fairies burying chariots mares idiots vintage insidious perilous merriest carolers ferrying manila barrels of killer carrion bearing


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