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Ring Ring by David Roxas

In by New Author on November 25, 2010 at 12:36 pm

*Ring Ring * This is Mary-Ann.
> Commissioner, he struck again.
> Luke? Where?
> Hell’s Kitchen.
> Where is he now?
> The decks somewhere. I have coppers ready and awaiting orders.
> As for Hell’s Kitchen?
> Real shit is going down there, Commissioner
> Jesus. Casualties?
> None so far.
> Keep it that way. I want this cleaned up ASAP. Notify and send in the teams.
> Copy, over. Containment teams are being sent in as we speak and we’re printing a story for the press.
> Good, I’m heading down there now.
> What about Luke?
> Pull your guys back. Set up the Louie signal. He’ll find him.

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