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Seafood in Aiea by Fannie Watkinson

In by New Author on November 15, 2010 at 11:02 pm


“What was that?”

“aioeuaiuaoeaueiaoeuiaoeiauaoaiae. A sentence of vowels.”

“Okay, let me try that. ‘blaerahdkhfjajkdfkajlaeoaiae’”


“Okay, so can you say it again?”

“Ua ae i’a.  Try that.”

(Attempt: ‘ooooah aye eeeeeee.ah’)

“Now, ua ae i’a ao a oi ‘eia i aiea”


“You just said, I killed you”

“But, I ate seafood!”

“Yes, well, what you told me was that you killed me not that you ate seafood. Uaaei’a.”

(Attempt with much facial distorting)



“ua ae i’a, ao a oi, ‘eia i aiea.  You and I ate seafood in Aiea”


Try saying that three times once.


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