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Ten ten-words about needing to leave and not being able to

In by Lara on November 12, 2010 at 10:51 am
  1. He yelled at me again. I knew I couldn’t leave.
  2. The captain groaned. We probably wouldn’t see land ever again.
  3. Memories of gunpoint and fear. Scars mark my soft body.
  4. Please come back. Promise I’ll stop. I didn’t mean it.
  5. I hid myself well, but the man built this brothel.
  6. “God, help!” I jumbled knotted, lingering messes. No options promised.
  7. I don’t wanna get thrown. ‘twouldn’t be the first banana.
  8. “Idiot!” “You know what happens when you gimme lip, right?”
  9. I shouldn’t have said it– But—Oh god, He’s coming.
  10. Listen up, kids. If daddy hits mommy, that’s do-mes-tic vi-o-lence.



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