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Pregnancy Test by Allison Fink

In by New Author on November 10, 2010 at 12:44 am

At the CVS on 4th Street, we wait by the restroom.

‘What’ll we do if…” Jen begins, not looking at me. Then trails off.  Don’t say it.

BAM door flies open. It’s our Cassie, flushed cheeks, blonde hair wild. Still so goddamn pretty. “C’mon, DUH I’m not pregnant!” she calls (a little too loud) as she blows by, tossing the box in the trash. Cassie’s smell: old cigarettes, shampoo, carelessness. We let out breath we’ve been holding, suddenly feeling silly. Of course. Nothing would ever happen to our Cassie.

Would’ve been a pretty baby though, I think, and am ashamed.

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