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Now Self Destruction…

In by Michael on November 3, 2010 at 12:08 am

We’re killing ourselves.

We smoke, we don’t eat right, we break our self-promises for self-improvement. We’re bad to our body and to our mind, and we know we could do better.

We’re each holding onto a tornado of self destruction, and the best of us have just figured out how to bottle up a little more than the rest.

We are marching lockstep, against our will, towards death. Time demands that the only direction is forward, so if we’re going to pretend to have any control over this crazy little thing called life, our only option is to run ahead.


  1. Wow. That’s all I can say, is wow.

  2. its nice to know i’m not the only one troubled with shit like this. tornado of self destruction is right. wow. breaking self promises for self improvement. true. i mean how do we get out of this?

  3. This stuff is all about mindset. The attitude you take on life is “true” to you, just like everyone else’s attitude is true to them. But none of it is actually true because it’s just ideas we’ve chosen to convince ourselves of.

    The cup is half full AND half empty. And there are way more than just these two choices when we choose how we feel about life. So while this piece suggests that life is just constantly decaying, it’s just as “true” to say that life is constantly building, or that it’s a constant pursuit of authenticity or meaning.

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