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Dear Santa, I want an Orca

In by Lara on October 28, 2010 at 10:20 pm

It’s that time of the year, little Timmy! What do you want to ask Santa for Christmas?
An orca!
An orca, son? Like the stuffed toy?
A real orca!
(Honey, how does he even know what an orca is? He’s four!)
(I don’t know. Probably all that Planet Earth we’ve been watching. Damn those educational tapes.)
Timmy? Is there anything else you want from Santa?
A fish tank for Daniel.
The orca!
I’m sorry, Timmy, but I don’t think an orca will fit–
Timmy, shh, it’s–
okay, we’ll just ask–
Okay, okay. We’ll get the orca.


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