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the flighty mrs petunia

In by Wyatt on October 20, 2010 at 2:04 am

how silly things were
inside the scarfed head
of mrs petunia

cows were small pebbles
used to build footpaths
parrots were amorphous notions
of appreciation, scattered
among the winds
truth was a bad tasting vegetable
and myopia was the sound
that an empty kettle made
when struck on its round belly
with a silver spoon.

all that was implied was glaringly obvious
and the explicit
was unclear

along the sinews of her tired brain
little pickup trucks
with splintery flatbeds bouncing out the back
and leathery men chewing tobacco
delivering messages
languidly, slowly,
without care for punctuality
or accuracy.

  1. Man the last stanza is brilliant, the image is so strong.

    And “truth was a bad tasting vegetable”, I love that.

  2. I love these turns of phrase. And good choice keeping things lower case, it emphasizes the sillyness of mrs petunia.

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