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In by Lucía on October 17, 2010 at 9:54 am

We floated there, the most awkward things to ever sit in the ocean. Our Professor asked if we did whale imitations.  We giggled.  We definitely knew how to run transects.  We might know how to imitate whales.  Professor Dan dove, descent facilitated by the weights attached to his waist.  He paused well beneath the surface, lining his body up, arms by his side.  Then, the wiggle: wiggle-wiggle-wiggle to the surface, and he broke through like a whale, straight up in the air for a split second, mooing, and flopped over into the water.  Laughter exploded.

This is how people drown.

  1. oh my lord you must be having so much fun.

  2. oh yesyes, but i make a terrible whale 😀

  3. haha this is such a good retelling, which is often hard to do!

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