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Together and the Night

In by Chris on October 14, 2010 at 12:04 am

.   when the night magical
.          made of airliners
.          strung below the stars
.          like moons
.          made of city glow
.          behind eucalyptus
.   drops away from us
.   it is because your hands
.   and your words
.         they are gentle like breezes
.         that caress hollow cheeks
.   go one way and then the next
.   confusing me

.   the winding night and the universe
.   fold themselves into an envelop
.          carried first by me
.          then by you
.   what once surrounded
.   fades to memory
.   and memory
.   is buried beneath gestures
.         elbow touches elbow
.         and wrist
.   so rooted in us
.   we have forgotten the possibilities
.         born of fields
.         lonely dreamers
.   that exist

  1. i love this indented format– really useful for categorizing sentiments, and reads wonderfully.

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