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My Dreams by new author Evan Gitterman

In by New Author on October 12, 2010 at 10:14 am

It’s easy to think that dreams have meaning, maybe the subconscious expressing its owner’s anticipation, lust, fear, curiosity, anxiety, or euphoria. But the figures of not-quite-acquaintances permeate the shell of familiarity covering my dream world. I know their names, their faces, but I don’t know them. I feel nothing towards them, no attraction or envy or familiarity, yet they ring clear in the reverberating space of my memory. I doubt that their presence merits interpretation or even a second thought. Yet still I watch for them, wait for them, wondering if they will ever mean anything while I am awake.

  1. This is true, I have no idea why certain things pop up in our dreams. I’m always drawn towards psychoanalyzing myself, though it’s a bit scary, because what if I come to the conclusion that my unconscious has different values from those I have cultivated in my conscious?

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