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I Don’t Need No Jacket

In by Michael on October 11, 2010 at 6:18 pm

“I don’t need a jacket cuz I’ve got my beer jacket on.”

“Oh yeah? I’m wearing my vodka scarf.”

“Well I’m wearing a whiskey hat.”

“I have on my gin and juice gloves.”

“So what? I’m wearing my Miller leg warmers.”

“Well I’m wearing my strawberry daiquiri earmuffs.”

“I’m wearing my PBR long underwear and white Russian ski mask.”

“I have a pair of Jagerbomb wool socks and sex on the beach boots.”

“I’m wearing my peppermint schnapps mittens and rum and coke snowpants and wine cooler underwear.”


“I’m kinda cold, man. You wanna go inside?”

“Yeah dude, I’m freezing.”

  1. Fantastic. Simply Fantastic.

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