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Just Checking In by Guest Author Grace DeVoll

In by New Author on September 28, 2010 at 9:33 am


I have some unfortunate news.
I ate the last cookie,
the lopsided one
from that last batch
you made
for yourself

It was yours to savor
and I stole it,
kind of like I stole
your thirties,
and those black shoes,
from your closet
for myself.
For me,

forgive the indiscretion?
(about the cookie, I mean…)
I notice
when there are two –
one for me
one for you
(cookies, that is…)

For me,
you’ve given up so much:
yourself –
and now baked goods.
I’ve savored
All of it.

So thanks.
Love you,
From me.


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