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Mind Readers

In by Marcus on September 28, 2010 at 10:55 am

We are all born with the ability to read minds
As children we perfect this ability because
It is our only way to understand one another
Unfortunately many of us lose this ability
As we mature and learn language because
Our obsession with language suppresses
Our ability to read minds by distracting
Our focus from the true thoughts within
Language is to blame for our failures as a society
It has the ability to lie unlike our minds
Which would be open books to explore
I say throw away language and unite
The world with the truths of our minds

  1. I really do believe that children have that power.

    My friend and I were talking about this the other day, lamenting the ambiguity of all language, but then he pointed out that in writing a play, you’re often going for the most ambiguous language possible. It creates tension. And as humans we need the tension.

    …or do we? If we all acted like little kids, what would life be like…

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