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I bought it at the flea market

In by Wyatt on September 27, 2010 at 10:32 pm

The tag said three dollars. It was green and luscious. About as tall as a baby that’s just teetered its first ones, and as thick as a mechanical pencil lead. It furled under its own weight. And when I walked past it, my last dollar in hand, it turned to look at me.

I named her Harold, and she was my treeplant (she wasn’t really either, so I decided she was both). I cradled her in my arms and bartered her down. The seller wouldn’t budge, until I offered my left shoe as well. Harold crooned and I cried softly.

  1. wyattt! I luuuuve you, this is sooo good! 🙂 TREEPLANT!

  2. YES Harold. Amazing. Crooned. Jazz plant. Yes.

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