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In by Wyatt on September 27, 2010 at 12:55 am

Nearby cicadas croaked. Branches branched, leaves left; a sliver of white caressed the dark sky. A deer glided through the undergrowth.

I wonder why I keep coming here, he said. Perhaps for the dragonflies.

He wasn’t here though, he was yesterday at brunch with the in-laws, he was tomorrow asking for a petty raise. He wasn’t here, he was soon, getting into his car and returning home. He didn’t feel here any more, he was somewhere else. But here was so pleasant.

I want to be here, he thought. Right now, I want to feel here.

So he sat, and sighed.

  1. Excellent stuff Wyatt, you nailed it. “He wasn’t here, he was yesterday… he was tomorrow…”

    Did you try the new approach? How did it go?

  2. it went so well boi. So well. I just stared and stared, at one point zooming in (literally) so that my blinking cursor filled the whole screen. And cliche’d ideas popped in and out of my head, but this time (for the first time) they didn’t make me angry or frustrated, I just watched them. And then when I was ready, I wrote.

    This project just keeps on giving.

  3. this piece is soo good!

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