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First Bar Night

In by Lara on September 25, 2010 at 9:51 pm

Jack and Tom had never been to a bar before. They figured they should just kind of blend in. Go with the vibe and meet some cool cats.
“Be cool, man. Just be chill,” Jack said.
“I’m chill! Right?” Tom said with uncertainty, downing a large portion of his beer.
Jack just looked straight ahead, nodding to people walking by.
“Hey,” he said, catching the eye of this one girl, “what are you drinking tonight?”
“She’s holding a Stella, dude,” whispered Tom.
Jack elbowed him. The girl walked on.
“Ow! What?”
Jack sighed.
“Nothing, man. Let’s just go play pool.”

  1. Haha this one is perfect. All the words fit so well and even in 100 words I got that feeling of “Uhhh…. what exactly are we supposed to be doing here?”

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