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At the Beginning of My Senior Year

In by Chris on September 23, 2010 at 12:47 pm

This may be the fourth
most beautiful university in the nation,
but there are no mountains in sight,
and the water is spewed
through sprinklers and fountains.
It may have more genius professors
than any other conglomeration of humans,
but there are no ancestral carvers of wood,
no men with decades of calluses on their palms.

Here I am again.
It is a place and a populace
outside of normal human life.
They say it’s not real here,
but what is real anywhere?
When I set out to find plasma of life’s blood,
why shouldn’t I find clues here also?

  1. i like this a lot, chris

  2. Ooh. At first I thought it was too pessimistic but nice twist at the end. Questioning it all.

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