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Today in the sun

In by Wyatt on September 10, 2010 at 2:16 pm

It’s still summer, in my mind.
I slid onto my bike and arrived at the pool.
Friends joined, laughing, eating safeway croissants and brie on sourdough.
We sat half in sun, half in shade.

At 10:30 it was game time.
The shallow end, so we could stand.
Those special caps, so we felt legit.
Breathing air and water.
A giant played against us.
From halfway out he would  rise ominously out of the water and launch his canon fist.
We dived, tackled, swirled, kicked, panted, struggled, giggled, roared.
Outside the classroom, we were still exactly the same people.

No one kept score.

  1. Yes! I just had this experience, except I was the giant rising out of the deep end.

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