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Two Shadows

In by Lara on September 10, 2010 at 10:41 am

Two shadows, moved apart across a dimly-lit wall.With purpose, or with none, it was impossible to tell. And others could only speculate as to the meaning behind the shapes, drifting gracefully to either side. It wasn’t until later, that someone spoke up. We should talk to them, he said. It’s not right. Everyone else nodded, but continued to watch. It’s not fair, he cried, they need to be helped! Again, the people did not respond. Over time, the shadows grew larger and seeped into other walls. It enveloped people in its wake, quiet and graceful but precarious. No one resisted.

  1. For some reason this piece is a lot like jazz to me. I can imagine a saxophone playing it, the shadows creeping, the man trying to use his voice, the awe of everyone else.

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