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Genesis by K.M. McFarland

In by New Author on September 6, 2010 at 8:58 am

In the beginning there were hardwood floors
and the smell of fresh paint. Dirt in every corner,
scuffs from hastily moved furniture, and barely-cleaned
porcelain left behind. Day by day it took shape,
first a few hand-me-down chaises with sunken cushions
and places to rest your head. The first supper
was a picnic cobbled together on the floor of the living room
over a bed sheet. They clinked wine glasses and laughed,
never once having envisioned this move,
this place,
this life,
Sore muscles, sweat stains, and boxes are the scars of a move,
lasting for only a year.

  1. This is fantastic. I love the imagery. Especially : “dirt in every corner,” “sore muscles, sweat stains”

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