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Uh… Nap?

In by Lucía on September 5, 2010 at 3:58 pm

Lying down, gonna take a nap, and her body is oh-so-wonderfully tired and melting into the comforters, the pillows, the mattress.  The problem is that her left foot wouldn’t stop tapping… Tapping the air.  You know.  The way your foot does, when it’s trying to dance?  Her foot is trying to dance, but her body is not.  Body’s not tryin to dance.  …and then… All of a sudden! She felt it in her chest!—A monstrous explosion of energy! flowing every which way! bursting! through her chest cavity! and… oooooh, FAIL: maaan, naptime just turned into a single person dance party.

  1. hahah this is hilarious. i think it might be stronger if told from first-person POV though.

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