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Walk A Thousand Miles by K.M. McFarland featuring Douglas Hosking

In by New Author on August 30, 2010 at 10:35 am

Hidden beneath the trail of ten thousand weary pilgrim tracks,

beneath the crusted red earth, down, down, beneath the cracks

left by centuries of stress and stale sweat I toiled

to find you, restless and desperate for the unchained, wild

fury found only buried inside your crust. To the depths

you escaped with quiet dignity, forsaking any sweet farewell breaths

from love, choosing instead the dark, immense pressure of solitude.

You put down roots, thrived, while those remaining above rued

unsatisfying, concrete companionship. Though tethered within the mild, sweet earth,

you stretched for miles, surging along the self-imposed, unerring rebirth.


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