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The Apocalyspe

In by Marcus on August 30, 2010 at 5:51 pm

In the backyards, alleyways
vacant-lots, abandoned-cities
mining-towns, landfills and
ravaged-forests it grows

Slowly filling the void
created by our past
it feeds off our mistakes
and bathes in our wrongdoings

Pollution and urbanization
are it’s parents, nurturing it
with remains from our
deceased civilizations

It is invisible to us
disguised by the sky
-scrapers and bright lights
we drive by it

But it is all around us
it pees in our rivers
shits in our meadows
and farts in our air

It is here people
in our slums and suburbs,
the middle of nowhere’s
and small towns we grew up in

  1. Ooh. Creepy. Love the characterization.

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