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Great, Terrible Things by K.M. McFarland

In by New Author on August 30, 2010 at 10:34 am

There is a moment that flashes
before your eyes
of the worst,
most terrible,
acts committed in your life.

When you snatched a macaroon fresh
from the oven at two,
or glanced at an answer from
the girl next to you at seven.
She never guarded with her left shoulder.

At nineteen, the night she was away,
and the skirts in the pool hall twirled just
right to your eyes, before
a word of protest left your lips,
arms were pinned and it was done,

You rationalized,
ignored the messages,
but never fully washed
away the stain of memory.

  1. I’m really really enjoying your stuff.

  2. This piece is fantastic. I could write 100 words just singing its praises…

  3. Excellent. SImply excellent.

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