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In by Lara on August 28, 2010 at 10:29 pm

Loneliness is a bowlful of salsa with no chips to dip.
Loneliness is a dress sock with no pair.
Loneliness is a cold gun.
Loneliness is a recently shaved upper lip.
Loneliness is a coffee mug of vodka.
Loneliness is that one cookie that ended up with no chocolate chips.
Loneliness is the brown M&M.
Loneliness is being slave to your phone.
Loneliness is videochatting yourself.
Loneliness is secret.
Loneliness is contagious.
Loneliness is the subjective chocolate in the chocolate box depending on who’s picking.
Loneliness is a fart so stealth no one can smell it.
Loneliness is being parsley.


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