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I Am Yours And You Are His And He Is Hers And She Is Mine by K.M. McFarland

In by New Author on August 28, 2010 at 7:31 pm

Far outside the boundaries
of plentiful, unified metropolis

with a glow that every firefly envies,
are the shantytowns, overrun with whores

of industry and information; where I was
born amidst cascades of cash crash

paranoia and the unheeding tide of blotter.
Leaving was the only way to meet you,

To ride alongside, carried over the sinking,
burning lands of wasted youth,

Arriving at a new horizon bathed in colors
saved for nuptials and dreamscapes.

I will carry you over that threshold,
supporting knees with my weakened arm

and rest by your side, in the dual, infinite
reflections, interwoven to a savior.

  1. this is wonderful!

  2. slow. clap.

    that’s good readin’

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