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Geology VERSUS Geography

In by Wyatt on August 28, 2010 at 10:37 pm

Borders aren’t places, places are locations and grounded rations station nations but split derivations and plantations of human denomenations —

–Rocks dried into lumps and sit idle, waning tidal, beside time’s idol remaining with pride’s lull the archaic Midas glider of gold pliable but cried and derived — desicated and unanimated, rivaled by life forms —

–Life wouldn’t walk unsupported by bones and deported roads — from whence purport you to record a passage unendorsed by benevolent storms and platforms?

Hey life created the endorsement, record, existence! Brick doesn’t BREATHE, bitch.

Geography hits Geology in the face with a map. Geology retaliates with a rock.

  1. holla. spoken word this stuff!

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