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Dickie, The Third by guest author Madelyn Zoi

In by New Author on August 26, 2010 at 4:46 pm

Dickie had used his time of incarceration very effectively. He taught the inmates to appreciate opera; he organized the jail’s laundry; and he found the Lord.

Two days before his release from Long Reef, Dickie placed a call to mother. To this day, we do not know the nature of that call. She immediately retrieved from the back of her closet a package that she had squirreled away many years prior.

That very day she sold the GOOGLE stocks therein. She became an extremely wealthy woman; the family was reunited; and Dickie was no longer black sheep of the family.

  1. This is a great story.

    Interesting how these days, Google does not feel out of place in a generational story about more “classic” themes like the black sheep prodigal son, incarceration, etc.

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