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Night hike

In by Wyatt on August 23, 2010 at 12:35 pm

We embarked on the trail at 9pm. The saucy moon slowly undressed as it rose above the treeline. By the time it was fully exposed we were miles up the wrong hill after a miscalculated turn (no, the other left) and further from the goal than we’d started. At 2am we annihilated our 6 proteiny pounds of grilled chicken and all the water. We we still climbing. At 6 we reached the pseudo-summit, looked up at the real summit mocking us, and collapsed. I slept through the sunrise in a garbage bag. We were exhausted, caffeinated, blistery, and over-exposed.

It was perfect.

  1. Yeahhhh.

    Also, I need to hike with you. Grilled chicken?

  2. was this the half dome hike? let’s do el capitan next

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