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The Ride

In by Wyatt on August 21, 2010 at 11:27 am

Grey outside. Perfect.
Don those jeans-tights, grey jumper.
Still cold.
I’ll pedal hard.

Fannypack with essentials.
Grab blue speed.
Rise up to street level.
And off.

San Francisco dissolves.
Wet drizzle can’t wash the smile away.
Pedal softly.
Accelerate gracefully.
Stop quickly.
Skid slickly.

Trees thick, everywhere.
Yes, bison.

Coloured houses shine through foliage.
In the city, still.
Is the ocean this way?
Yes, straight.
Pedal softly.

Waves blur.
Two surfers approach.
Sandy tires.
No sun, no need.
Contentedly grey.

Cut back.
The city’s alive.
I’m alive.
It’s not even 10.
Except out of ten.

  1. “grey outside. perfect.”
    –love this, wy.

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