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Mission #11408 of the EarthPod

In by Chris on August 19, 2010 at 4:25 pm

The two deep-space explorers stretched themselves on the undocumented planet. Caleb Castle was a large red Irish man. DeMarcus Rivers looked like Dave Chappelle.

The planet’s gangly inhabitants were all the same shade of gray, and they approached without hesitation.

“Different races?” one asked.

The humans flinched. The inhabitants knew English – a contaminated planet.

The alien continued: “Backwards creatures with space flight. Why haven’t they solved their tensions by eliminating race, as we have?”

DeMarcus said, “Yeah, we know all ’bout racial skin neutralization. We invented it man. But we ain’t gonna use it on us, we smarter than that.”

  1. hahaha “Dave said” — he’s so much like Dave chappelle he actually IS dave chappelle?! Actually, i like that alot

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