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Some harmless would you rathers

In by Lara on August 18, 2010 at 10:19 am

Would you rather:

Have no nipples or no belly button?
Poke a dancing bear or poke a sleeping bear?
Go back in time and meet Jerry Garcia or your own birth?
Shove a raspberry or an olive up your nose?
Give an elephant or your parent of the opposite sex a bath?
Always taste salty when you eat something sweet or vice versa?
Only eat strawberries or peanuts for the rest of your life?
(if you pooped your pants as a grown person)…tell your significant other or your parents about it?
Be able to write without correct grammar or punctuation?

  1. these are some tough choices, the only one id def pick wud be strawberries over peanuts but thats cuz im allergic to peanuts

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