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In by Wyatt on August 16, 2010 at 6:32 pm

Hello and welcome to purchase of Bloonies. You will have wonderfun with Bloonies.

Safety cautions: please be aware of not inhale Bloonies. Toxic and hazards with the inhales of Bloonies. Blow, only! Do not Bloonies children below 6 age.

How To Bloonies: pop seal with other side of caps. Squeezes the tube and out will be soft jelly substance. Put Bloonies jelly on end of straw. Do not sniffs it! Blow straw until Bloonies is of large. Detach.

Keeping Bloonies: alway remembers to share Bloonies. Thus, do not keep Bloonies. People like Bloonies, So blow Bloonies and Disseminate. Is spreads Happiness.

  1. alway remembers to share Bloonies

    hahaha these are fantastic instructions. it’s even better if the person reading it doesn’t know what bloonies are.

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