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Gluten Intolerant

In by Chris on August 16, 2010 at 10:01 am

We poison ourselves
With our worry.
A cell phone radiates cancer
Into our heads.
The poison of worry
Orders our lives.

“Apple pie, Aunt Susan?”

“Is it gluten-free?”

“Oh sorry, I forgot. How about ice cream?”

Susan got an exhausted look. “Actually I’m off dairy right now too. I’ve been feeling off lately, sort of lethargic, so I’m cutting a lot out of my diet. Nothing’s working so far, but I’m hoping it’s the lactose.”

It’s not the gluten
Or the lactose
Or the second-hand smoke,
It’s our fear of them —
A fear we crave
And a fear we need.

  1. OHMYGOD! You met my aunt?! …That’s so sweet of you to change her name for the blog! 8)

  2. WOAH!

    Damn this is a very cool structure. Also, perfectly executed piece. also, moving. also, wow. Yes, chris. yes…

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