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Three by Lucia Hennelly

In by New Author on August 15, 2010 at 11:36 pm

There were three of them, and they sat there, staring back. Each was tempting in its own right, and each was cold.  All three were thickly set, but their faces so very different, their introductions those of an author, a stranger, and none at all.  The three sat in a row, incalculable and telling, somber and uplifting, all at once.  They all said the same thing, but their words looked so distinct.

It’s a six hundred and eleven page book, god damn it.  If I’m going to carry it around for ten weeks, might as well get the fattest one.

  1. That is a fantastic way of making decisions if you ask me. But you shouldn’t trust me because I have a ulterior motive:

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