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The Gambler

In by Michael on August 11, 2010 at 1:02 am

He’s aggressive, he’ll bet on anything. NBA, MLB, NFL, the game of pool you’re playing right now. At least $1000 or else it’s not worth his time. As a day-trader, he made his career out of betting on stocks. And he’s good, really good. He’s a machine and he makes money when other people get too emotionally involved, which always happens. He’s made sense out of the unpredictability of life and he makes a living doing it. Sometimes he gets too confident though. Beating the odds 51% of the time will make you rich over time. But 51 ain’t 100.

  1. ohhh this is SCREAMING for a part 2, perhaps purely dialogue!

    • eeeeenteresting. I’ve been thinking of possible dialogs. I might have somethin. Good idea.

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