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Ode To Harley

In by Wyatt on August 11, 2010 at 10:37 am

Buck a nut.

Schloop a nut.

Put a nut in your butt.

Nut-ella poo schmear.

Chuck a nut.

Nut on your nut.

Grinch a nut.

Feed a nut to a nut with a nut.

Nut on a bed.

Nut on a couch.

Nut on a tongue.

Nut in your pants.

Nut in my pants.

Crush a nut.

Squeeze a nut.

Foopa nut.

Shake your nut.


A milkshake, but nuttier.


Dumb nut.

Twist-off nut.

Use a bottle openut.

Grunt nut.


Hairy nut poodle.

Chicken nut fried.

Corn nut.

Jerk nut.

Nut in the cheeze whizz.

Queer nut.


  1. This is very sophisticated writing, Wyatt. Great Job… Nut.

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