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In by Michael on August 9, 2010 at 7:57 pm

This damn tobacco tastes like shit, he thought, as he spit brown into an empty McDonalds cup from 80 miles back.

He thought about his plans for after college. He thought about the girl at the last rest stop. He thought about life after his parents pass away. He thought about driving trucks. He thought about what he should think about. He thought there are things you should think about as you drive across the country. He thought no, that’s wrong. There can’t be rules for thinking. He tried not thinking. He noticed that the tobacco still tasted like shit.

  1. OH MY GOD. I’m blown away. Michael. Mbrandt. This is amazing.

    • You are far too kind. I hated this as I wrote it yesterday, in part because it took forever and I wasn’t sure it wasn’t totally boring. Chris liked it too, and I like it a lot more today. Writing’s weird…

  2. One man’s poopdrivel is another man’s greatest inspiration. In this case, make that two other men’s inspiration.

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