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Look, the original acronym didn’t make sense either, just let it go.

In by Wyatt on August 4, 2010 at 11:43 am

Welcome to NORHAD, the North American Hipster Defense Command. Sergent Wilson? Status update.

It’s the Russians again, Sir.

I see. What are they up to this time? None of those ball-twistic missile jeans I hope?

No, it’s far worse.

Worse! Good God. Denim can only get so tight. How? HOW!?

They’ve discarded denim, sir. They’re onto ink. Now they’re getting life-sized jean tattoos on their legs.

Idiotic. Genius… Our plan?

We must mock their idiotic look. By going blind… so we won’t have to see them!

Hah! That’ll teach them!

The surgeon will be with you in a moment, Sir.


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