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3D, by returning guest artist Marcus

In by New Author on August 4, 2010 at 12:21 am
Length, width and depth
The three dimensions
Or x, y and z as I learned in math class
The movie I saw was in 3-D
But it had no depth
Through special glasses I watched
As cartoons floated around the room
What happened to real depth
This is what 3-D should stand for,
Digitally Disguised Dung
Being hand fed to us dumb fucks
Who are blinded by these
“special” glasses
That cost 3-5 dollars
And I can’t even take them home
Take off your glasses people
And you’ll see
It’s just one big distorted image
So fuck 3-D
Refund please.
  1. I like this a lot! Keep up the writing!

  2. This one’s great. I kept my 3-D glasses a couple years ago and just buy tickets to other movies and sneak into the 3D one now.

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