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Rules by guest author Marcus

In by New Author on August 2, 2010 at 11:09 pm

Rules are made to be broken. But these same rules define our reality. So by transitive property our reality is made to be broken. Everyday we strive to expand our reality using the same rules we established to define it. But what happens when one day our unquenchable desire to stretch the reality that we live in causes our reality to burst. Then what will be do, who will pick up the pieces of our reality and mend them back together, and what will be the glue to piece them back together, more rules? Scarier, what if it already has?

  1. Our reality is made to be broken. Hell yeah man. Your reality is either expanding or shrinking, and expanding it can be so scary. Worse of a threat is when expansion is not scary, but invisible. So we take the passive and apathetic path of least resistance and do what we’re comfortable with, so our reality shrinks.

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