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Un Ami / A friend

In by Lara, by Wyatt on July 28, 2010 at 5:10 pm

Mais non, Maman…
Bien, tu veux de la glace, n’est-ce pas? Lequel?
Tu comprends pas — c’est pas pour moi maintenant…euhh t’inquiètes…
Explique-le à moi, Chouchou.
Ah bon… C’est pour marco… Plus tard.
Marco, il ne vas jamais revenir, t’y sais, petit.

Le vent était froid et fort.

Chocolate chocolate chip please! Oh, and a strawberry, too!
Son, I think one cone is quite enough.
He looked at his mother impatiently.
“Ah,” she said, “for Marco? Son, I think it’s time you made real–well, friends at school,  maybe?”

He just licked his cone. It was cool and sweet.


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