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My New Language

In by Chris on July 28, 2010 at 12:02 am

Rifle – What happens when you eat a whole lot of dark bread

Chortle – A tariff imposed by mothers on their laboring children

Flabbergast – Fat that is in shock or awe

Particle – An average score in golf that makes you giggle

Boredom – Plank, umm, beam, umm, 2×4, umm

Pollinate – A child who knows the Epistles by heart

Planetary – How to make sure your new house isn’t stuffy

Bourbon – A sesame roll straight from the freezer

Carcass – An angry rant directed at a vehicle that won’t start

Scrappy – The act of relieving oneself on a junk heap

Spoonerism – And m is spooner

  1. the work pumpernickel comes from german meaning ‘goblin fart’

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