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Flea Circus Squabble

In by Lara on July 26, 2010 at 11:13 pm

A flea with a red bandana tied around it’s middle section took his hoop and slammed it on the ground.
“Dad, this costume sucks and I don’t even have hips to hoola hoop!”
Mama Flea, jumped a little at the volume of her son’s tiny flea voice.
Papa Flea looked up from his newspaper, “Horace, What’s the matter this time?”
Horace took his bandana off and spat on it.
“Son, we all have our places and responsibilities. It’s time you grow up!”
He looked at her and grumbled, but nonetheless donned his red bandana and picked up his hoola hoop.

  1. Let’s get all fleas off of dogs and into circuses instead.

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