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Squiggles, a Recurring theme

In by Wyatt on July 25, 2010 at 12:35 pm

Sometimes I just feel like squiggling, I said.

What’s squiggling, she said.

It’s deep from the soul, I said, it’s a raw expression of joy and jubilance, a jumpy loopiness that manifests itself in your body with gently writhing. I said, it turns you into an octopus.

I don’t get it, she said. You’ll have to show me.

But there wasn’t much to squiggle about right then. Neither of us had eaten in fifteen hours and we were no closer to help than before. It was getting grim.

Then she smiled, with her eyes.

And I squiggled, with my soul.

  1. ooh. ominous. but squiggly. I like.

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