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One Must Do Dishes To Have A Clean House

In by Chris on July 18, 2010 at 11:07 pm

Fold the sponge around the knife,
Two quick sweeps,
And into the drying rack.
The cups will go into the dishwasher
Once it’s unloaded.
Is this a man’s work?
Am I becoming a man?
The rent, the vacuuming, the packed lunches –
“A man needs a maid.”
Maybe Neil Young was right.
My knife is covered in dishwater
That glistens like tears.
Hold your head up, eyes straight ahead.
Who is crying?
My hands should be calloused,
Not wrinkling in the water.
Where will my strength come from,
Days like these?
My unknown maid?
Or will I seize it someday?


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